Children’s and teenagers’
furniture designs

Mistral has always been an important reference point when it comes to designing and creating children’s and teenagers’ bedrooms. It pays close attention to new and emerging needs and styles of living, which has allowed it to create ever more practical and functional bedrooms with a contemporary style and strong visual impact. Research, design and innovation can be seen in every Mistral bedroom. Value and quality come through in every detail, ensuring that the furniture solutions it offers are always of the best quality.

Mistral Camerette

100% Made in Italy

Through its bedroom designs, Mistral wishes to communicate a very clear production philosophy. Every bedroom therefore reflects recent demand as regards living spaces, with a strong customer-focus ensuring that the new needs and requirements are understood and met, without forgetting the functional and visual aspects. Furniture by Mistral is, and will remain, a guarantee of quality and innovation – all 100% Made in Italy.

Creative furniture
for the little ones

Care, precision and quality at every stage of the production process: from the design – put together internally or in collaboration with designers and architects – to the creation of each individual bedroom;  from the choice of new, innovative and original materials to their processing.  Technology, the environment and responsible production are all elements used to communicate a concept of total, tangible quality and comfort in every composition. Mistral bedrooms are the result of a professional approach that aims for excellence.

A reference point
for home furniture

At the roots of every large group, there is always one important figure, someone who is already imagining growth, the first fruits and those that will follow, even as they begin to sow the first seeds. Marcello Dalla Betta is the man who, in the late sixties, thought up and believed in a project which, today, has grown to become the Homes Group. He has done this staying true to a firm vision: start with artisan values to create a large industrial company, and make good use of investments in research and development to offer quality products to an increasing consumer base. As it has grown, Homes has gradually pulled companies into its orbit which share the same level of excellence in their own specialist areas, meaning that today all functional areas of the home are covered by the Group. Mistral is one of the companies that make up the Homes Group.


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