Every bedroom tells its own extraordinary story

The EVO bedroom collection is not only about design; its characteristics and properties make it unique for its style, functionality, look and materials too.  Flexible compositions, modular units, space optimisation, quality and comfort! Discover the added value of the EVO Collection and bedrooms by Mistral.

Bedrooms Mistral Total Wellness
icona Total Wellness

Total Wellness

We want to stop the proliferation of germs in contact with wooden surfaces: the Silver Defence treatment inhibits the growth of the main micro-organisms found in homes.

Bedrooms Mistral Design
icona Design


A search for beauty that surpasses fashions. The simplicity of these creations is anything but commonplace. Simplicity and design: an union of success to last in time.

Bedrooms Mistral Ecology
icona Ecology


Ecological materials: water-based varnishes and melamine panels with low formaldehyde emissions.

Bedrooms Mistral Space
icona Space


Visions that allow you to manage space in the best possible way. The largest volumes are located on the top to guarantee functionality and easy-use.

Bedrooms Mistral Colours and combinations
icona Colours and combinations

Colours and combinations

The combination and choice of different materials determine the aesthetics of the arrangement but also the differences in prices. The result is always consistent.

Bedrooms Mistral Our universe of complementary items
icona Our universe of complementary items

Our universe of complementary items

Lots of complementary items such as beds, desks, wardrobes and bookcases determine the extreme customization of spaces. Freedom of choice.

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